Detract the Pelvic Pain With Some Methods of Sex

Before knowing the methods of sex. Let us know what is pelvic pain. The lower part of the abdomen is called the pelvis. This includes the bladder, intestines, and ovaries in the lower abdomen. Or the pain in the bones and muscles around them is called pelvic pain. this pain can be localized or move from one place to another place. Every woman in the country suffers from this pain at some stage in their life. sometimes this pain goes in a while. if the pain lasts for a long time or occurs repeatedly. a doctor should be seen. So let’s start now

There is some reason for pelvic pain

Blood in pee, Smell in pee, Problems in passing pee, Cramps or pain during menstruation, Constipation or diarrhea

Some Sexual Poses who Distract Pelvic Pain

  • Missionary Sex Position
  • Use Doggy Style
  • Outercourse
  • Spooning

Let us understand these methods One by One

  • Missionary Sex Position

You can also modify the position to make it more comfortable. Regular missionary can still be pain-free if you and your partner communicate and keep penetration shallow.

How to do it:- Start in the missionary position From here, bend your knees and lift your hips up so you’re creating more contact between your pelvis and that of your partner.

Detract the Pelvic Pain With Sex

Why we should do:- A research survey that asked women what makes penetration more enjoyable noted that Modified Missionary sex is better for 76% of those surveyed. For many people, missionary is regarded as a great position because it’s so intimate. Not only do you get to kiss your partner while being penetrated, but you also get to look into their eyes and see their facial expressions, which is really hot stuff.

  • Use doggy style

Doggy style the position can help reduce penetration depth. and pelvic pain too. Standing doggy style gives less room for deep thrusting,

How to do it:- Instead of both you and your partner being on your knees to allow penetration from behind, try standing From here, spread your legs apart a bit so your partner can get between your thighs and enter you from behind.

Why we should do:- The pillow modification helps angle the pelvis to prevent deep penetration. Changing the angle and penetration depth can help. Changing the angle and penetration depth can help you avoid pelvic pain, which is often a problem if you have a tilted uterus. Researchers found Modified Doggy Style improved penetration pleasure for 87% of women surveyed.

  • Outercourse

It is not technically a sex position. It’s basically a sexual activity but doesn’t involve anal or vaginal penetration. that can include anything from kissing to mutual masturbation. 

How to do it:- try thrusting the penis or sex toy between your breasts, thighs, or butt cheeks. Consider a session of 69, or have your partner treat you to oral sex or clitoral touching, so you can lie back and just enjoy the sensations.

Why we should do:- if your pelvic pain stems from vaginismus, a condition that causes vaginal muscles to tense up involuntarily at penetration, outercourse may be your best option. Outercourse allows intimacy without penetration.

  • Spooning

spooning is a good way to relieve your pain. If you prefer some action from behind, spooning can help reduce pelvic pain during sex.

How to do it:- In this, your partner covers you from behind and takes a balanced position so that you do not have pressure in the direct vagina, so use this position.

Why we should do:-Spooning is also a  great position to incorporate grinding and touch, too. Pairing penetration with clitoral stimulation. also known as partner pairing, is an ideal way to reach orgasm. And feels good and can also help you set the right penetration depth. 

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Pelvic Pain Reduce

You Can Also Use Other Tricks That Will Give You Good Results

You can use lubrication:-If you feel more dryness in your vaginal. So lubrication helps make things more slippery. If you are struggling with irritation or sensitivity. So use water base lubrication. And avoid using condoms and oily base things. if you are using a silicon sex toy. For safe silicon, surfaces do not use water-based toy

Set Some Sexy Time:- If you have pelvic pain to veginal disorders. which you feel anxious about sex. So please leave the spontaneity. And set the sexy time for the sex. So that you feel prepared. And keep in more control

Communicate With Your Partner:- You can talk dirty with your partner. But you have to tell them. What do you feel good and what not. You will get know. what works to avoid pain  

Take Pain Relievers:- Before the sex pain relievers can help. If you not get help to this. So your healthcareprovider can write the medicine for relief pain to your muscles

Pee Before Sex:- having sex with a completely empty bladder You will get helps prevent stress

After Applying Our Tips And Method of Sex You Can Feel Glad

sex is supposed to feel good.Pelvic pain during sex can make you want to avoid sex and strain your relationship with your partner. But that doesn’t mean you can never enjoy sex.

It is possible to help mitigate pelvic pain during sex by trying alternative sex positions to avoid deep penetration.If all types of penetration cause pain, there are alternative sexual activities you can try.Mutual masturbation, oral sex, and outercourse can help you and your partner enjoy intimacy without penetration.If you dont know reason of your pelvic pain or you feel irritation during the pee. So you can talk with your doctors. They can help you figure out next step for treatment 

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